16th Wireless Community Weekend -- we need to meet!

16th Wireless Community Weekend -- we need to meet!

Virtual BBQ Edition - May 15th, 2021

All the information for our Call for Participation (CfP) and participation in the Workadventure can be found on the wiki.


Please sign up for the list of participants, this will make it easier for us to plan the virtual barbecue.


For Saturday 15 May we are planning a curated programme which we will stream and record. Therefore, there will be a CfP for this day at Pretalx.

Your talks should be no longer than 30 minutes and cover the areas of technology, law, community and best practice.

For Saturday evening you are welcome to submit a short "show part".

Workshops and sessions

You can submit your contributions as usual in the Wiki Timetable and spontaneously use a room on the map for sessions. These sessions will not necessarily be recorded ;)


WCW lives from your contributions!

If you feel like helping with the adaptation of the workadventure map or the design, just get in touch with us at: WCW2021orga@freifunk.space